Website analytics made easy and respect the users privacy. Give it a try and support me by using my affilliate link.

Current setup (2020 edition)

I switch my tools whenever needed, newer things come out or software is not maintained anymore - still trying to stick to tools that proved to be good, run stable and provide good support for getting work done.

So see this page as a living document that going to be updated from time to time.

This is page is inspired by by Wes Bos .

IDEs & Editors

I love the Dank Mono font. Best suited with iTerm2 and Oh My Zsh .

Git & Database

I just cannot decide which is better, Sourcetree or Github Desktop. So I just use both.

Further desktop apps

Saas products and utils

  • Fathom Analytics for privacy-focused page analytics. I’d be glad if you use my affiliate link to give it a try.
  • for server provisioning and deployment of web apps, mostly PHP-based website
  • Domain Offensive German domain provider with fair pricing
  • Rectangle Window management on Mac
  • Unsplash app The Mac app from Unsplash for refreshing new wallpapers each day
  • Maccy Clipboard manager
  • Amphetamine for Mac to keep it up and running